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868 Design House, is an exciting new pop up cocktail bar. The ultimate goal for 868 Design House is to be an exclusive cocktail bar serving the very best of classic as well as signature cocktails in South East London.

The venue itself will also be a space where creative expression will be welcomed, encouraged and facilitated.

The name itself is contrived from three different sources:

  • 868 - The area calling code assigned to Trinidad and Tobago, the heritage of its founder, Kandana Hamilton

  • Design - From her graphic design background 

  • House - A warm, friendly and welcoming environment for everyone, as her household was, growing up in London.

Kandana started 868 Design House for a number of reasons. As a student, finding a space that allowed her to express her creativity unencumbered was extremely expensive and difficult to find. With 868 Design House she is determined to allow artist to use the space as creatively as they wish. Working in a number of high end bars and clubs in London as well as travelling to Central and South America, she has acquired the requisite skills and experience that are essential to create classic and local cocktails par excellence.

868 Design House has now expanded into a small team of bartenders, hosting pop up cocktail bars in London. 

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